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Gurgaon Gateway

Nimai Place - Sector 114, Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon

  • Ground Floor
  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Third Floor
  • Fourth Floor
  • Fifth Floor
  • Studio Apartment (6th to 9th Floor)
  • R s.16,000/- Sq.Ft
  • R s.11,500/- Sq.Ft
  • R s.9,000/- Sq.Ft
  • R s.8,000/- Sq.Ft
  • R s.7,500/- Sq.Ft
  • R s.9,550/- Sq.Ft
  • R s.9,450/- Sq.Ft
Rs. 7,500/- Sq.Ft

Nimai Developers is all set to energize the skyline and the lifestyle of Gurgaon by presenting the Nimai Place, the most vibrant and scintillating destination for shoppers and office goers alike in Sector-114 Dwarka Expressway.

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